Canadian Quality Improvement Initiative supported by Sharesource (CanQIIS) Grant

Canadian Quality Improvement Initiative supported by Sharesource (CanQIIS) Grant

To further improve care for Canadian peritoneal dialysis (PD) patients, Baxter is offering a grant opportunity for PD program quality improvement initiatives that are enabled through the use of Sharesource technology. 

For more than 60 years Baxter has provided the devices, technology, and clinical support required to meet the unique health care needs of peritoneal dialysis patients.  The CanQIIS Grant has been created to support the advancement of Canadian PD Programs by aiding quality improvement initiatives utilizing Sharesource technology and peer-to-peer best practice sharing.  

We invite current PD clinicians to submit descriptions of proposed PD quality improvement initiatives that will enhance patient care and treatment within their program. The CanQIIS Grant committee will review proposals and grants will be awarded based on the criteria defined below. First, second, and third place recipients may be eligible to receive funding of a contribution request to advance scientific research, medical education and/or patient care in the following amounts: 

                                                         1st Place - $10,000          2nd Place - $7,000          3rd Place - $3,000

Scope and Criteria of the Grant 

Applications for the CanQIIS Grant must describe new* quality improvement initiatives in areas relevant to PD patients utilizing the Sharesource technology. These include but are not limited to changes in: 

  • Patient education or training  Sahresource
  • Treatment compliance 
  • Clinical complications related to PD 
  • Treatment burden  
  • Program or staff productivity or efficiency  
  • Health economic assessments or analyses 

*Proposed projects can utilize retrospective data, but funding cannot be applied retrospectively to previously executed projects. 

The CanQIIS Grant applications should focus on the initiation, education, treatment, or retention of PD patients in a current PD program in Canada. Proposed projects should be completed within a timeframe of 12 months of the grant award and it must involve the use, review, analysis or integration of data derived from the use of Sharesource technology. Applicants and patients must currently have access to Sharesource technology in their program to ensure timely project execution. 

Applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria: 

  • Relevance to PD patient care in Canada CanQIIS
  • Feasibility to execute in a timely fashion 
  • Scientific excellence, creativity and novelty 
  • Addressing unmet clinical and scientific needs 
  • Sustainability of adopting practice change once quality improvement is demonstrated  
  • A clear description of how your institution optimizes care of the PD patient through the utilization of Sharesource and remote monitoring technology. 
  • Teamwork and collaboration within the system. 
  • Impact on patient outcomes 
  • Creativity and ability for other organizations to replicate the project 

Quality Improvement Initiative should clearly and concisely demonstrate the value it brings to Canadian PD patient care and remote patient management. The proposal protocol should clearly outline the objectives, methodology, project timeline and budget plan. The applicant must obtain support from an appropriate program manager, supervisor, or director who will engage in the project if the application is successful.  



All applicants must currently be employed at a Canadian PD clinic or program at the time of submission and would be primarily responsible for the proposed quality improvement initiative described. All grant recipients and project leads must commit to sharing their results through knowledge translation events such as peer-to-peer events, conference submission and presentation etc in collaboration with their Baxter representative. A specific date/event will be determined based on project progress and completion. 

Details and Conditions 

Upon successful acceptance of the project proposal, the applicant and their respective institution will enter into an agreement with Baxter Canada to capture timelines, milestones, payment details, etc. Additionally, where appropriate, Baxter Canada will provide training and clinical support to optimize the utilization of Sharesource and project execution.   

Contribution requests will be evaluated by Baxter to determine the legitimacy of public health needs and confirm the appropriate use of funds.   


If you have questions about Sharesource, please contact your Baxter Territory Manager or Clinical Consultant for additional information.  

If you have additional questions about CanQIIS, please contact: [email protected]

Application Deadline 

Applications must be submitted via the online submission system (see link below) no later than April 30th, 2022. Incomplete submissions will not be considered for grants. 

Examples of published Sharesource-based projects and areas of consideration (not an exhaustive list):