TISSEEL PRIMA [Fibrin Sealant] for Surgical Care

TISSEEL PRIMA is a fibrin sealant with a proven history of clinical safety and efficacy that surgeons rely on for use as an adjunct to hemostasis.


TISSEEL PRIMA helps surgeons address bleeding in sites inaccessible to "surgical" means (i.e., sutures and cautery) with uniform placement thanks to our DUPLOSPRAY System, allowing surgeons to get as close as 2-5 cm to the tissue for laparoscopic surgery. 

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As a leader in hemostasis, we are committed to providing innovative solutions for surgeons. TISSEEL PRIMA is effective across surgical specialties1 and is for adjunctive hemostasis across a wide range of surgical specialties1 to: 

  • Control bleeding in heparinized patients
  • Control bleeding in patients medicated with antiplatelet drugs1 
  • Create hemostasis on poor tissue characteristics (such as friable tissue)2 

*Do not use TISSEEL PRIMA for treatment of severe or brisk arterial bleeding. 

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Hemostasis: TISSEEL PRIMA is a fibrin sealant indicated for use as an adjunct to hemostasis in adult and pediatric patients (>1 month of age) undergoing surgery when control of bleeding by conventional surgical techniques (such as suture, ligature, and cautery) is ineffective or impractical. TISSEEL PRIMA  is effective in heparinized patients. 

Sealing: TISSEEL PRIMA is a fibrin sealant indicated as an adjunct to standard surgical techniques (such as suture and ligature) to prevent leakage from colonic anastomoses following the reversal of temporary colostomies.