DoseEdge Pharmacy Workflow Manager

The DoseEdge Pharmacy Workflow Manager seamlessly integrates with your hospital information system (HIS) to automate the process of routing, preparing, inspecting, tracking, and reporting on IV and oral liquid doses.


The DoseEdge System integrates with hardware used in medication preparation including barcode scanners, cameras and gravimetric scale (optional) that measure final dose weight. With the DoseEdge System, clinicians can conduct preproduction checks to help identify certain common medication preparation errors. Since its inception, the DoseEdge System has processed more than 100 million doses.1  

Technician looking at DoseEdge routing screen

Dose Routing and Preparation

- Automatically routes dose orders to the appropriate workstation or pharmacy 

- Displays facility-based preparation instructions to promote best compounding practice 

- Provides automated dose and dilution calculations 

- Alerts technicians to potential errors before they happen 

Accelerate your pharmacy with the DoseEdge System

Increase Safety from Preparation to Delivery

4.2% of all doses compounded by facilities using the DoseEdge System experienced an error intercepted by the system1 

Drive Efficiency and Optimize Your Pharmacy

Verify compounded doses remotely (outside of the cleanroom) or off-site, to free pharmacist time for other clinical activities

Reduce Waste and Drive Savings

Track volume remaining for multi-dose vials, recycle doses to use for other patients, customize Beyond-Use Dating (BUD), and implement bi-directional HL7 integration to drive savings back into your pharmacy 

Achieve Regulatory Compliance with Robust Reporting

Automate documentation necessary for NAPRA compliance (e.g., Master Formulation and Dose Compounding Records)

Woman looking at DoseEdge system

Dose Inspection, Tracking and Reporting

- Allows for remote pharmacist verification from any computer on the hospital’s network 

- Displays key preparation details, including dose calculations, products used, lot numbers and expiration dates, name of compounder

- Supports inline and gravimetric verification of high-risk doses, such as chemotherapy/ hazardous, TPN or pediatric doses 

- Includes complete barcode-based dose tracking 

- Provides detailed reporting on every dose made using the system

DoseEdge gravimetrics

Customize Your Workflow with DoseEdge Gravimetrics

Including the DoseEdge Gravimetric* feature into your workflow allows for a more comprehensive evaluation of the accuracy of a dose and increases drug preparation safety for you and your most critical patients. 

The DoseEdge Gravimetrics* solution is versatile, allowing you to customize which locations, dose types, and DINs require gravimetric preparation. 

The DoseEdge System with Gravimetric Workflow* provides you experience, a standard and continuously growing formulary, versatility, and unmatched support. 

*Gravimetric functionality requires the ingredient-specific gravity.

For safe and proper use of the product mentioned herein, please refer to the appropriate Operator’s Manual or Instructions for Use. 

The DoseEdge System is not intended to replace the knowledge, judgment or expertise of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in the preparation of IV admixtures or oral liquid doses.