Baxter Completes CE Mark for Expanded Indication of HEMOPATCH, an Innovative Surgical Patch, In European Union

Press Release


Deerfield, Ill., - March 24, 2016

HEMOPATCH Now Approved for Tissue Sealing and Dura Replacement in Addition to Hemostasis

Baxter International Inc. (NYSE: BAX) is committed to advancing surgical innovation and today announced the completion of CE marking in the European Union for the expanded indication of the ready-to-use surgical patch HEMOPATCH.

HEMOPATCH is now approved in the European Union for use in closing dural defects including excision, retraction or shrinkage of the dura mater following traumatic injury. It is also approved as a hemostatic device and surgical sealant for procedures in which control of bleeding or leakage of other body fluids or air by conventional surgical techniques is either ineffective or impractical.

“HEMOPATCH now has one of the broadest indications available for advanced surgical patches in the European Union,” said John Olsen, M.D., global medical director of Baxter’s surgical care franchise. “It features innovative technology, works quickly and effectively, and does not require preparation time, which means it is ready whenever it is needed by the surgeon and can be used in a range of surgical settings.”

The additional indication allows surgeons in the European Union to use HEMOPATCH to address bleeding and seal suture lines in diverse, complex procedures such as sealing residual air leaks during lung surgery, or replacing dura mater during neurosurgery preventing the loss of cerebrospinal fluid.

The development of HEMOPATCH combined Baxter's expertise in collagen, internal coagulation processes, and PEG (polyethylene glycol) technology platforms. It is a soft, thin and flexible collagen pad that is designed to allow surgeons easy control during application and does not require advanced preparation. The pad consists of a specifically-formulated porous collagen matrix, coated on one side with a thin protein bonding layer (known as NHS-PEG). This gives the pad a dual-method mechanism of action, in which two components interact to achieve hemostasis by sealing off the bleeding surface and initiating the body's own clotting mechanisms.

HEMOPATCH has been approved in the European Union for use in hemostasis when conventional surgical techniques are either ineffective or impractical since 2013. Baxter anticipates filing for the expanded indication of HEMOPATCH in additional countries outside of the European Union.

Indication for Use

HEMOPATCH is intended as a hemostatic device and surgical sealant for procedures in which control of bleeding or leakage of other body fluids or air by conventional surgical techniques is either ineffective or impractical. HEMOPATCH may be used to close dural defects following traumatic injury, excision, retraction or shrinkage of the dura mater.

Important Risk Information

Do not compress HEMOPATCH into blood vessels or use intravascularly.
The device must not be used in patients with known hypersensitivity to bovine proteins or brilliant blue.
HEMOPATCH is not intended to be used in pulsatile, severe bleedings.
The use of HEMOPATCH is not recommended in the presence of an active infection.
When used in, around, or in proximity to foramina in bone, areas of bony confine, the spinal cord, the brain and/or cranial nerves, care should be exercised to avoid overpacking, creating the potential for neural damage.
HEMOPATCH is not intended as a substitute for meticulous surgical technique and the proper application of ligatures or other conventional procedures for hemostasis and sealing.

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