About us

Baxter’s mission to save and sustain lives inspires our work and our commitment to deliver products and services that are essential building blocks of healthcare.

Corporate overview

Baxter touches millions of lives every day. Our products and services are essential building blocks of healthcare.

You’ll find Baxter’s products and therapies on nearly every floor, in every department, in almost every hospital worldwide. You’ll find us in clinics and in the home.

Patients and providers rely on Baxter for lifesaving renal and medical products including intravenous (IV) solutions, systems and administrative sets, IV infusion parenteral nutrition, perioperative care, pharmacy devices and software, acute renal care, and home and in-center dialysis.

Our mission to save and sustain lives inspires our work and our commitment to expanding access to care, providing cost-effective healthcare solutions, delivering quality products, and advancing innovations for the world.

Our commitment to our mission lives on, so that when patients and the healthcare professionals who treat them need us, we are there in the critical moments that matter most.

Our businesses
Increasingly, healthcare providers need more than just products. Instead they are looking for partners in meeting the challenges of providing better healthcare, to more patients, quickly and cost-effectively. With deep expertise across drug, device, software, and service platforms, Baxter is uniquely positioned to enhance providers’ delivery of quality care and deep presence in the hospital, home, and renal care clinics. Baxter’s extensive global reach helps the company to play a significant role in driving access to cost-effective care.

Baxter has two global business units: Hospital Products and Renal
Baxter’s Hospital Products business manufactures products used in the delivery of fluids and drugs to patients across the continuum of care. These include IV and other sterile solutions and administration sets, premix drugs and drug-reconstitution systems, IV nutrition products, infusion pumps, and inhalation anesthetics. The business also provides products and services related to pharmacy compounding, drug formulation, and packaging technologies.


Baxter's Renal portfolio addresses the needs of patients with kidney failure or kidney disease and their healthcare providers with a comprehensive range of therapeutic options across home, in-center, and hospital settings for better individualized care. The portfolio includes innovative technologies and therapies for peritoneal dialysis, in-center and home hemodialysis, continuous renal replacement therapy, multi-organ extracorporeal support therapy, and additional dialysis services. Baxter scientists are also pursuing a range of next-generation monitors, dial dialyzers, devices, dialysis solutions, and connectivity technology for home patients.


Global presence

Our 65,000 employees serve patients and clinicians in more than 100 countries and are dedicated to ensuring Baxter is there when patients need care, from hospitals and clinics to homes in rural areas and major cities.

  • In North America, Baxter has diverse facilities in the United States including its headquarters located in Deerfield, Illinois, approximately 30 miles north of Chicago.
  • Baxter’s presence in Canada includes commercial and compounding pharmacy operations and manufacturing.
  • Baxter has significant presence in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, with commercial, manufacturing, and research facilities in more than one dozen countries.
  • Baxter’s Latin America region includes manufacturing and distribution as well as renal-care facilities in several countries.
  • Baxter has had a significant presence in Asia-Pacific for more than 40 years.
Baxter has a long-standing commitment to research and development, and our history is rich with medical firsts, from the first commercially manufactured intravenous (IV) solutions to the first portable kidney dialysis machine, and many more. Baxter continually pursues breakthrough technologies through its own research, collaborations, and partnerships around the world.


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