Welcome Home national giving program

Baxter Canada launches Welcome Home national giving program with Canadian Red Cross

Stephen Thompson, President Baxter Canada, right, with Ronan Ryan, Chief Marketing and Development Officer, Canadian Red Cross launching Baxter’s Welcome Home corporate giving program with Baxter employees.

Anyone who has had an unexpected hospital stay - or has been a caregiver of someone who has - knows the transition home isn’t always easy. From new lifestyle changes to difficulties completing chores, those returning home can face challenges that put them at risk for re-admission.

In underserviced and remote regions, these challenges can be even greater. But with assistance from Baxter Canada’s new Welcome Home program and the Canadian Red Cross, those returning home can access the support services they need for a smooth, safe, and comfortable transition home.

“I am proud to partner with a national organization like the Canadian Red Cross, which shares our vision of creating healthier communities and supporting those transitioning from hospital to home,” says Baxter Canada President Stephen Thompson. “Baxter Canada has had a longstanding commitment to corporate giving, and our new Welcome Home program is a reflection of our continued focus on supporting the communities we serve.”

Welcome Home will support two Canadian Red Cross initiatives in underserved areas: Priority Assistance to Transition Home (PATH) in Northeastern Ontario, and the Health Equipment Loan Program (HELP) in British Columbia. The PATH program supports those returning home by assisting with transportation, picking up prescriptions, and housekeeping, among other tasks. The HELP program provides short and long-term health equipment loans to those in need with a referral from an authorized healthcare provider.

Baxter will support these initiatives through a combination of corporate giving, employee fundraising, and employee volunteering. Giving back is an essential part of Baxter’s corporate culture – each employee is encouraged to volunteer 16 corporate-sponsored hours annually to give back.

“We appreciate that Baxter Canada has partnered with the Red Cross to address the need for community-based solutions arising from an aging population” says Samina Talat, Associate Vice President of Health Innovations at Canadian Red Cross. “We can focus on expanding and strengthening programs like PATH and HELP which are addressing gaps and helping to ensure more Canadians can continue to live independently in their own homes.”

For more information about how you can give back, visit www.redcross.ca. To see how Baxter’s Welcome Home program is helping those in underserved communities, check out #BaxterGivesBack and @baxter_intl on social media.


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