Science & innovation

Baxter’s diverse scientific expertise and world-class capabilities in key technical areas are critical components in advancing patient care globally.

Distinguished Scientists & Engineers

Appointment as a Baxter Distinguished Scientist or Engineer is the highest honor bestowed by Baxter on its scientific and technical community. Recognizing world-class science and technology achievements and excellence is key to effective product development, innovation, and growth.

Past appointees include the following:

Don Baker, Ph.D. Distinguished Scientist

Don Baker has applied his expertise in research and development, scientific affairs, and quality assurance to the development and launch of a range of bioscience products in his more than 30-year career at Baxter. His expertise in regulatory strategies has contributed to many successful product submissions. He also has been a leader in post-market quality surveillance and ensuring the integrity of bioscience products against counterfeiters.

Noel Barrett, Ph.D. Distinguished Scientist

Noel Barrett has played a lead role in Baxter’s vaccines business since joining the company as part of the acquisition of Immuno AG in 1997. He led the reformulation and licensure of Baxter’s FSME tick-borne encephalitis vaccine in Europe, and more recently the licensure of Baxter’s H5N1 influenza vaccine. He also helped develop viral-inactivation technologies for plasma products in the late 1980s and early 1990s, when the risk of transmitting viral pathogens through such products was a life-threatening concern for patients.

Richard Brown, MS Distinguished Engineer Emeritus

During his 30-year career at Baxter, primarily in our former Transfusion Therapies business, Richard Brown became a recognized leader in the field of blood collection and separation systems. He played a major role in the development of products that revolutionized healthcare by advancing automated autopheresis, making the process more efficient and resulting in better-quality blood components. He holds 95 U.S. patents; more than any other researcher at Baxter.

Thomas Dudar, Ph.D. Distinguished Engineer

In his 26-year career at Baxter, Tom Dudar has helped the company build and maintain a global leadership position in disposable intravenous (IV) products. In particular, he has been instrumental in the development of technologies that protect healthcare workers from needle-stick injuries and transmission of life-threatening blood-borne pathogens. Products for which he is responsible include InterLink, the world’s first “needleless” IV access system, and NeedleLock, one of the world’s first safety needles for IV therapy.

Dennis Jenke, Ph.D. Distinguished Scientist

Dennis Jenke’s contributions in the field of plastic/solution compatibility have significantly impacted the healthcare industry. A widely recognized expert in the field, his studies involving extractables and leachables were crucial to the development, registration, and global commercialization of numerous Baxter products. Understanding the impact of plastics on product quality helps Baxter and others in the medical products industry produce safe and effective products for patients.

Leo Martis, Ph.D. Distinguished Scientist

Leo Martis was involved in the development of peritoneal dialysis (PD) as a home-based alternative to hemodialysis for people with end-stage renal disease. He subsequently played a major role in the development of Baxter’s leading line of specialty PD solutions. Before joining Baxter’s Renal business, he was involved in the development of a range of medication-delivery products for Baxter, including parenteral nutrition solutions and inhalation anesthetics.

Barrett Rabinow, Ph.D. Distinguished Scientist

Barrett Rabinow has made major contributions in drug delivery, nutrition, and other areas of Baxter’s Medication Delivery business. He also established himself as a globally recognized leader in the field of nanotechnology, collaborating with academic thought leaders to develop novel therapeutic applications for nanosuspension dosage forms, and becoming a sought-after author and speaker in the areas of nanosuspension formulation, pharmacokinetics, and drug targeting.

Hans Peter Schwarz, M.D. Distinguished Scientist

Almost all of Baxter’s industry-leading plasma-based therapies have been impacted by Hans Peter Schwarz. His expertise in plasma fractionation, protein purification, viral inactivation, and other scientific disciplines has resulted in safer and more-effective therapies for hemophilia, immune disorders, and other conditions. He also has contributed to product development in other areas of bioscience, including recombinant proteins, biosurgery products, and vaccines.

Mookie Sternberg, Ph.D. Distinguished Scientist

Mookie Sternberg has spent his entire career — spanning more than 40 years — advancing separation and purification technologies. Separation and purification plays a major role in all of Baxter’s businesses. Thanks in large part to Dr. Sternberg, this area of science has become a “core technical competency” at Baxter and a key area of expertise that provides unique competitive advantages for Baxter in the development of new products.

Lecon Woo, Ph.D. Distinguished Scientist Emeritus

In his 24 years at Baxter, Lee Woo was instrumental in the development of a range of new materials, processes, and devices used in intravenous therapy and other areas of the business. As head of Baxter’s Material and Membrane Technology Center, he and his teams resolved numerous issues involving the properties of new and existing materials that could affect Baxter’s products and the safety of patients.